Josh McCauley, Phoenix, Arizona native and dog enthusiast, is the founder and CEO of Trip Less Trainer. 

Josh has always lead a very active lifestyle, from playing team sports to enjoying the great outdoors. There were several family pets in the McCauley household during Josh’s childhood, however no animal held a candle to the unrelenting loyalty and unconditional love that the family dogs exhibited. 

Upon graduating from Arizona State University, and in need of a dog that could keep up with him on runs, Josh promptly adopted not one, but two beautiful German Shepherd pups. Josh found himself squarely in adulthood with two adorable clumsy companions, Ted and Sandy. 

The decision to adopt shepherds was based not heir reputation for loyalty, intelligence and endurance. To ensure his pups would grow to meet their potential, Josh immediately started them in professional training. He’s proud to report that both Ted and Sandy are professionally trained and respond to secondary language (format commands). Their training ranges from simple things like recalls to advanced commands like heeling through a crowd off leash. During training, Josh and his dogs ran into several issues that traditional leashes couldn't fix. From those issues Josh was able to develop the Trip Less Trainer. 

The TLT was created to empower and simplify life with a dog for everyday dog owners, dog trainers, law enforcement and any other professionals who work with dogs on a daily basis. The goal is to offer people a way to better connect and work with their dogs.


Courtney grew up on a quaint small farm outside of a little town called Big Neck, Il, an interesting name for an interesting place where interesting events changed her life forever. 

As a child, Courtney was extremely talented and could have grown up to be anything she wanted to be. However, as she entered into college with so many paths to choose from, she struggled to find herself. The solution she decided was to enlist in the U.S Air Force. She dedicated 5 long, strenuous, yet fulfilling years to the U.S. Air Force as a combat photographer. She bravely fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Gaining experiences along the way that would forever impact her life. On her last deployment, the war greatly impacted her.  Upon return, she was unrecognizable to her friends and family. Contrary to her usual lively self, she was listless and emotionally defeated.

Desperate to have their daughter back, Courtney’s family adopted Max, a 2 year old Shih Tzu to provide companionship during her recovery. The two became inseparable and over time Courtney found herself coming back to life. Shortly after that deployment Courtney was released from active duty to attend art school at the University of Arizona where she has found art not only an escape but a powerful healing tool in the arts. As a combat veteran recovering from PTSD, Courtney looks forward to giving back by helping other veterans recovering from the emotional impact of war. 

Naturally, with her love of art and dogs, Courtney fits perfectly into the Trip Less Trainer Family. She’s responsible for ensuring all print and web materials associated with the Trip Less Trainer are true to the nature of our brand. She’s always coming up with great ideas so be sure to follow Trip Less Trainer on your favorite social media platform to see what she comes up with next!


Maureen McCauley grew up in Dilworth, Minnesota but has been in Pheonix Arizona since 1969. She came from a large family with 8 siblings. She is the mother of three (Josh included) with three grandchildren.

Maureen is a very talented and experienced seamstress who has been sewing since she was a teenager. With that said, we’re proud to say that Maureen is our seamstress here at Trip Less Trainer and she sews leash with absolute perfection. 

In addition to sewing, Maureen is passionate about giving to those in need, often picking up extra groceries to donate. When she’s not sewing Trip Less Trainer leashes she’s sewing blankets to send on church mission trips to Mexico, she makes and donates hundreds a year. 


Ted is a 120lb red and tan short haired German Shepherd. He understands English and German. He’s extremely friendly, curious and loves to play, especially soccer. His favorite pastime consists of shredding any stuffed animal he can get his paws on… sometimes eating them whole if necessary. Tedis adventurous. He enjoys hiking, running, swimming and car rides… he likes to hang his head out the window and let his tongue flap in the wind. All and all Ted is pretty easy going, his only big dislike is his vet, but who can blame him, no one likes seeing their doctor right?


Sandy, a long haired sable german shepherd is Ted’s lighter sister. She weighs in at 100lbs and comprehends commands in English and Italian. She’s a daddy’s girl and is extremely protective of Josh with a louder bark than her bite but to those who know her, she’s extremely sweet. She’s motivated by play and become occupied with fetching her ball for hours, as long as someone is willing to throw it for her. Like her brother she also loves running, and car rides, but swimming is her favorite. She’s a little nicer to her vet than Ted is, but she is not fan of strangers. 


Max, a 5 year old Shih Tzu who also sometimes goes by Booboo, Bobbykins or boobster, is the devoted companion to our photographer and creative director, Courtney, an Air Force veteran. He was adopted by her parents at the age of 1 and given to her as a homecoming gift after one her deployments. Right away Max and Courtney formed a special bond. He would stay with her parents during her Air Force travels and deployments, waiting anxiously for her return. When Courtney returned from her final and most difficult deployment she was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Max aided in her recovery, providing an endless prescription of cuddling and laughter. 

Courtney jokingly refers to Max as “the little flirt” because he’s extremely social. He demands the attention of anyone who crosses his path. He gets along great with other dogs, especially his companions, fellow Trip Less Trainer models, Ted and Sandy, their like a pack of siblings and look forward to each others’ company. 

Max played a big role in the evolution of the Trip Less Trainer leashes, its because of him the mini was born. While he’s a good boy, walking nicely by Courtney’s side was not something he did well so as a solution and so Max didn't have to miss out on the perks that came with long walks, Josh developed the mini leash for smaller dogs like Max. Within a few days Max was obediently walking by Courtney’s side like a pro. 

Given Courtney’s occupation, Max is naturally a camera ham. He loves to model with his leash so check back frequently for new pictures of his happy face. 

“Max is a one of a kind dog with amazing little quirks that make him extremely special. I don't know what I would do without him as he is a true companion and my little furbaby.” -Courtney