Josh McCauley, Phoenix, Arizona native and dog enthusiast, is the founder and CEO of Trip Less Trainer. 

Josh has always lead a very active lifestyle, from playing team sports to enjoying the great outdoors. There were several family pets in the McCauley household during Josh’s childhood, however no animal held a candle to the unrelenting loyalty and unconditional love that the family dogs exhibited. 

Upon graduating from Arizona State University, and in need of a dog that could keep up with him on runs, Josh promptly adopted not one, but two beautiful German Shepherd pups. Josh found himself squarely in adulthood with two adorable clumsy companions, Ted and Sandy. 

The decision to adopt shepherds was based not heir reputation for loyalty, intelligence and endurance. To ensure his pups would grow to meet their potential, Josh immediately started them in professional training. He’s proud to report that both Ted and Sandy are professionally trained and respond to secondary language (format commands). Their training ranges from simple things like recalls to advanced commands like heeling through a crowd off leash. During training, Josh and his dogs ran into several issues that traditional leashes couldn't fix. From those issues Josh was able to develop the Trip Less Trainer. 

The TLT was created to empower and simplify life with a dog for everyday dog owners, dog trainers, law enforcement and any other professionals who work with dogs on a daily basis. The goal is to offer people a way to better connect and work with their dogs.