Learning the Basics: Feeding Routine Keeps Your Dog Healthy and Trim

Dogs are habitual creatures by nature. They do best when they are able to stick to habits and routines that they have been accustomed to which makes for a happier and healthier dog. When it comes to food, a balanced diet and feeding routine keeps a dog healthy and trim. 

Feeding your dog at the same times every day is important, it keeps them on routine which in turn helps with their mental wellbeing. A routine feeding schedule is also important for their metabolism as well. The metabolism will get used to the pattern, adjust itself to fit the set feeding times and the quantity they take in.

Be consistent on where you feed your dog every day, and have it be a comfortable environment for them to chow down in. It is also important to be consistent with the food that you give and not to make any sudden changes. If at any time you need to adjust the daily schedule, amount of food or a new brand of food, make it a gradual change as their stomachs are sensitive and a drastic change will not only upset their stomach but will be mentally tolling for them as well.

It is also important to note that dogs need to properly digest their food before exertion or playing around. Just like humans, dogs need to relax for 30-45 minutes after they have finished their meal. This will help prevent bloat among other issues that can arise.

Let us know how your fair at feeding time..