Learning the Basics: Lets Talk Product

When designing the Trip Less Trainer, we knew one size does not fit all. Everyones height, hand and dog size are different so we created two distinct lines, the Standard and the Mini, to give you the most comfortable fit possible. Our Standard line comes in three different width sizes - 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inch. The Standard line is mostly geared but not limited to the medium to extra-large dog. It will give you the right amount of distance between you and your dog to have that consistent positioning your dog thrives on and an unbeatable grip to maximize your comfort and control. The smaller/toy breeds need a little more distance between you and them to place them in that same position they thrive on to learn. So Trip Less Trainer has created the Mini line to help out our vertically challenged four-legged friends. The Mini is provided in a longer 31 inch length that provides the same consistency of position for the dog and unbeatable grip as our Standard. Come see which one is best for you by visiting our website at triplesstrainer.com and click our About page. You will see our handler and breed guides that will help walk you through the decision making process. The handler guide will give you two measurements to determine what width is best for your hand and the breed guide will help which leash, Standard or Mini, is best for them. These guides are recommendations to help guide you but as we all know no one knows you and your dogs needs like you do. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are more then happy to help. Want to learn more? Stop by our website: triplesstrainer.com

Learning the Basics : Why a Thumb Tab

The second installment of “Learning the Basics - Why a Thumb Tab” Interested in being better connected with your dog? Want a leash that will train you as well as your dog? The Trip Less Trainer dog leash was created with all dog owners in mind. We are delivering a product that alleviates most if not all headaches caused by traditional leashes. By replacing the traditional 6' leash with a shortened thumb tab leash, it now provides a better connection and more advantages. The excess material that once caused tripping and tangling by you or your dog is now gone but what really makes the Trip Less Trainer so great is the thumb tab. The thumb tab will provide you with a stronger, safer grip when walking or training your dog. With the combination of a shortened leash and thumb tab, the leash will now consistently enforce perfect behavior for walking or heeling. 

Learning the Basics: A Unique Product and It's Creator

Here at Trip Less Trainer dog leashes we are excited to announce the launch of our new video series. This video series will start by breaking down the basics on this unique product known as the Trip Less Trainer for all pet owners so they better understand why the leash was created, what makes it unique and how to use it. 

The first installment will introduce you to the creator Joshua McCauley and his concept behind the leash. Shortened leashes are not new to the dog community but have you ever seen a thumb tab? Joshua is paving a new way of connecting with your dog. With a consistent and solid grip, he is empowering the every day pet owner to be their own trainer.