Learning the Basics: Bow Tie Method

Getting your dog out for a little exercise is great for their physical and mental health. It allows them to explore the world outside their everyday life in the backyard through smells, sights and sounds. You want them to roam a little on their own so as owners, we want to take their leash off and set them free but what do we do with the leash? Do you bunch it in your hand? Drape it over your neck? Lay it and leave it on the ground? Those are all valid ways to take care of the leash but there is a solution that will make it easier for both handler and the dog to play hands free, our bow tie method. In this video we will show you how to decrease the length a little more with three easy steps. If something occurs to where you need to quickly regain control of the dog, it can be easily done by one quick, smooth pull of the thumb tab and you are back in control.