Trip Less Trainer builds a better leash

Trip Less Trainer makes it easy to control even the biggest, most challenging dogs.

Trip Less Trainer makes it easy to control even the biggest, most challenging dogs.

By Sara B. Hansen

Joshua McCauley decided to build a better leash — so he created the Trip Less Trainer — to make it easier to take walks and train dogs.

The Trip Less Trainer is a shorter leash that the human holds using a thumb tab. McCauley says that allows the trainer to focus on the dog and maintain consistent control.

The shortened leash also prevents either the dog or the owner from tripping or getting tangled. And it allows the owner to quickly correct any behavior issues the dog may have.

Walking with a dog who happily stays by your side and doesn’t pull on the leash is a joy. I’m fortunate that my 8-year-old Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix is that kind of great walker.

But sadly that hasn’t always been my experience.


Walking as a chore

Before I got Sydney, I had Browning and Finley (a Beagle-Labrador mix and a Beagle-Cocker Spaniel mix) who were a lot of work to walk.

Browning was a 35-pound nose hound who wanted to spend every walk with his nose to the ground. Finley was a 28-pound dynamo who wanted to walk straight and very, very quickly. When I walked them with a leash for each, I’d feel like their real mission was to pull my arm from its socket.

Ultimately, I got a device that I could hook to each of them and then hook one leash to it. They still pulled, but it was a more controlled walk and they pulled against each other more than me.


Training key to good walks

I’ve always wanted to find a better way to have a good walk. When I got Sydney, we started walking using a leash the first day I brought her home. Later, we added a harness to prevent any stress on her neck.

So when I was contacted about trying the Trip Less Trainer, I was curious and wanted to see if using it would indeed help create a better walk.

In retrospect, I should have opted for the mini-leash rather than a regular 18-inch one. Because Sydney’s an Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix — emphasis on the Corgi — she’s short.

I’m 5’7" and she stands about 15 inches high. Fortunately, I have really long arms, so the short leash did work for us. But I’m sure the longer one would have been a bit easier to use.


Trying a Trip Less Trainer

We like to walk on a greenbelt trail near our house that’s often crowded with other people — fellow dog walkers, joggers, cyclists and occasionally people on horseback.

By using the Trip Less Trainer, I never had to wonder about how far away Sydney was or what side of me she might be on. She was always tight by my right side and I didn’t have to worry about who might be approaching us.

Our first walk was a little awkward. It felt like we weren’t quite in sync — either I was taking extra steps to catch up or I was slowing down to accommodate her. But by our second walk, it was like we’d been using the shorter leash forever. It makes an already easy walk even easier.

We also used the Trip Less Trainer at our weekly agility class. Although she runs the course off leash, it was a bonus to use the shorter leash that week. There were several new dogs at our class and it was a breeze to keep her tight by my side to avoid any potential conflicts.

It’s easy to identify the benefits of the Trip Less Trainer — especially if you are working with a bigger dog or one who is a problem walker. I’ve recommended it to my brother who has 2-year-old, 80-pound lab mix who is a chronic leash puller. I also gave my test leash to a friend who is battling the same problem with her dog.

Bottom line: The Trip Less Trainer delivers on its promise — it does make it easier to walk and train your dog.


Sara B. Hansen has spent the past 20-plus years as a professional editor and writer. She decided to create her own dream job by launching Dog’s Best Life. She grew up with family dogs and since she bought her first house, she’s had a furry companion or two to help make it a home. She currently shares her heart and home with Sydney, an Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix. You can reach Sara