Trip Less Trainer Tapped the Future in LA

Miller Lite Tap the Future® returned, celebrating their 5th year and searched for innovators with an unwavering commitment to making their dream a reality. Miller Lite annually sponsors the competition to empower entrepreneurs to hold true to their innovative business ideas. The competition provides business owners the opportunity to pitch live in front of Daymond John from ABC’s Shark Tank and a panel of national judges for a chance at a cash grand prize.

“Tap the Future is a phenomenal opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain access to essential expert advice and funding,” said Daymond John. “For those who have made the commitment to dedicate their life to a business idea; this program offers the practical and inspirational resources to achieve their goals. If you’re a serious entrepreneur in need of a jumpstart to your business, I highly recommend applying for the Tap the Future competition.”

I would have to agree with Daymond. This experience taught me a lot. There is a lot of preparation that goes into an event like this. I always thought that speaking to individuals was a natural talent for me but when you are given only five minutes to break down your business as well as how your business fits into a niche market, it becomes a lot harder than you think. Luckily Miller Lite gave us experts to advise us on how to prepare our pitch. My team and I spent weeks preparing my speech based off the feedback from the experts. I don't know how many times we drafted notes, narrowing down ideas on a white board until I could pinpoint what exactly I needed to say. After that, I spent my commuting hours in the car rehearsing and rehearsing to myself until I thought I had it down. It wasn't till the day of, when I walked out on stage did it all come together. I received great feedback from the judges and from the audience. Sandy and Max loved the attention by the way. I think they are natural entertainers. 

From this experience, I was able to walk away with more confidence and more knowledge then before the event. I highly recommend any entrepreneur to take advantage of this event. What a great experience and even though we did not win, Trip Less Trainer is still going to Tap the Future as we believe in our product and what our company stands for.