Learning the Basics: Vocal Command Training Using Tether Method

We love that our leash provides all the ability to be hands free with your dog. Owners have asked, "what if your dog isn’t to that point yet?" We are glad to demonstrate in this Learning the Basics video, how to train your dog to listen to your commands rather than the leash by using a well known and proven tether method. We will start off with a 15 foot leash that will be held by a secondary handler and our Trip Less Trainer dog leash that will be held by the main handler. The purpose of this method is to introduce the dog to verbal commands by the main handler yet still being in control with the secondary handler while training. The dog will not pay any attention to the secondary handler and will remain focused main handler, thinking he is the one in control based on his verbal commands. If the dog doesn’t listen and moves after the main handler gives a command, the secondary handler will give a quick tig correction on the leash as the main handler uses his correction word. Try this method several times until both you and your dog start understanding what works best for one another. You will start to notice after a few sessions that the dog will start to listen to your voice and not the leash.