No Matter The Age, Sometimes You Just Want To Go Skateboarding 

Trip Less Trainer is proud to salute Paul and Bo, our avid skateboarders.

Paul, a Army Veteran, loves to get out with his dog Bo, an eight year old lab. Paul found a way to incorporate Bo’s love of tennis balls with his passion for skateboarding. They started five years ago with a retractible leash. He found this solution to be ok but there were problems that caused hick-ups in their adventures. The leash became clumsy, in the way and a tripping hazard for Bo which eventually stopped them from skateboarding.

In the last few months, Paul has been using a Standard 1" Trip Less Trainer. He has found that Bo knows exactly where to be, on his side every time. With the shortened leash, it has led to a good habit of consistent placement for Bo. Another great feature is the thumb tab, Paul can easily let go of the leash with out it getting caught in his hand. The leash easily slides on and off his thumb. Now, Paul does not have to worry anymore about tripping hazards or Bo getting hurt. With Bo being an older dog, he wants him to be able to get out and be active without getting injured.

The Trip Less Trainer has relieved so many headaches for Paul and Bo, which in turn has let them get out and connect like they have always wanted to.


Results Were Amazing


My six month old male Rottweiler Gabriel and I attend weekly training through Knuckledragger Tactics in Southern Pines, NC.  Gabriel is growing at a rate of 20lbs per month and I am struggling with basic leash obedience due to his size, small attention span and my inexperience with a large dog. Jen, one of the owners/trainers gave me a Trip Less Trainer leash to try.  I worked with Gabriel yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening, and this morning using his prong collar and trip-less trainer, the results were amazing.  We did not get tangled in the leash one time.  With the Trip Less Trainer leash being so short, Gabriel stayed on my left side without once crossing in front of me or eating his leash.  I intend to continue using the Trip Less Trainer leash for walks and basic maneuvers where I need him by my side to execute commands. I am able to have my long leash and the Trip Less Trainer leash on Gabrielwithout hindering his performance. I would recommend the Trip Less Trainer leash to anyone dealing with common issues. 

Upon looking at the website I was pleased to see that not only do you offer a quality product with a fair price but are veteran owned.  Thank you for your service! - Zella, loving owner of Gabriel 


Makes Walking Easier

This leash is awesome. It's extremely convenient at the dog park being able to let our dogs run around without having to take the leash off and when we're ready to leave, all we have to do is reach down and grab the leash without fear of them running out of the gates. The different size leashes are perfect for our dogs since we have a large and two small dogs. Along with the shortened length, the thumb tab is perfect and with the combination of the two, it really helps us "train" our dogs since we never really trained them to walk on leash properly. It really gives Malia and I the stability we need to make corrections when they want to wonder off. Good news is, they don't tug or try to wander that much anymore since using this leash. Everyone needs one of these leashes for their dog! It's the perfect training tool for our dogs and it will be for you too!! - Jerami and Malia, owner of three beautiful dogs


You’ll Wonder How You’ve Gotten By Without One

I don’t know about you, but through the last ten years I’ve been training and working with dogs, I’ve had my fair share of injuries from the standard long leashes. When Taz my 120 pound German Shepherd was doing Schutzhund/IPO on a regular basis I’d send him to practice his bite work on someone wearing a protective sleeve.

One day when I sent Taz, the long leash got tangled around my shins and his 120 pounds was about to stop. As Taz launched himself forward, the leash tightened around my shins but continued moving forward at a very fast rate of speed burning my legs and ripping Taz’s toenail off. If only we would have had a Trip Less Trainer Leash, then neither of us would have been injured that day.

The reason the Trip Less Trainer would have helped us avoid that injury is that the standard leash’s length is only 18.5 inches. Josh McCauley, the creator of Trip Less Trainer, came up with a unique design. Unlike traditional leashes, the Trip Less Trainer is designed for you to place your thumb through the end hole on the leash and then comfortably grip around the outside of the hole in an almost overhand grip when your arm relaxes. This design allows for maximum comfort for both you and your dog while providing you maximum control over your dog. The length isn’t too long that you or your dog will get tangled up in the leash when walking, running, sending them to fetch a ball, or just to have a leash on to make your walk legal in the eyes of the law.

When your dog is sent for something, or you can let the leash fall, you can leave it attached to them as it doesn’t hang low enough to drag the ground, so you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled on anything.

Josh was kind enough to send me two different Trip Less Trainers (TLT) to try to get my feedback. I always like to be totally transparent so you know that even though Josh gave me these two style leashes to try, I was 100% blown away by the high-quality material he uses to hand produce his leashes. So, I decided to do the ultimate test with TLT and try them out on my old partner, Taz. I made a video if you would like to watch it of Taz and I doing a short training in our back yard.

Watch how Taz can freely run when I send him as a reward for his frisbee. The leash doesn’t drag like our traditional leashes always have, and it was very simple to release him with the overhand, thumb grip. The TLT’s are not only good for training, but for a simple leash to take your dog to the Pet Store, out for walks, or anywhere you’re required to have your dog on a leash.

Trip Less Trainer Dog Leash is a shorter, safer and more comfortable way to train and walk your dog and is creating the standard in dog training and walking leashes. I recommend to pick one up today, you’ll wonder how you’ve done without one for so long. - Jim Conyers, German Shepherd Buzz founder


Butters The Bulldog

Butters is the type that gets hypersensitive every time we go for a walk and likes to bite his leash.  Once I got this leash, there was no way for him to bite at it and since the length was perfect for our height, he is easier to control during walks. This leash has made taking him on walks easier as he is so stubborn,  you have to be in constant control or he will ignore everything you do.  We love our Trip Less Trainer leash and the ease it has brought to walking our stubborn bulldog! - Chris and Jessica, loving parents of Butters




Walking The Dogs Is A Chore Of The Past

I have owned the Trip Less Trainer Standard and Mini for the past year and I like using both. I use the Mini for my dog Alvin, a Shih Tzu and the Standard when I dog sit PT, a Golden Doodle. I feel like I have more control with the shorter leash and thumb tab. With a standard long leash both Alvin and PT would take off on me but now when I use the Trip Less Trainer I feel I have a better handle on them, they stay close and now walk more obediently next to me. I also like that when we are playing at the park, I can drop the leash and not worry about it tangling in their legs. When we are done running around or playing, I can quickly put my thumb in the hole and regain control. I definitely like that feature. Both dogs have really started to listen to me after using these leashes. Now both mom and I can walk the dogs together and have a lot more fun.  - Grace, 10 year old dog owner


Highly Recommended!


I have had my dog Snoop for 14 years.  We go everywhere together.  Road trips are his favorite thing. I have struggled with coil leashes and long lead leashes to get him in an out of the car for years. With the Trip Less Trainer I can walk right up to the car and let him in without having to worry about fighting to get the clasp off his leash before he barrels into the car. I can leave the Trip Less trainer on without worrying about his legs getting tangled in the leash or even worse the leash hitting and scratching the car.  Taking him for a walk is so much easier when I’m not constantly fighting to keep the leash from binding his legs due to either too much slack or not enough.  With the Trip Less trainer I can keep him right by my side. Plus it keeps me from spinning in circles trying to keep myself out of the leash.  The Trip Less trainer takes away all the clumsiness that accompanies a simple dog walk. This product has made it so much easier to enjoy my time with my dog. I highly recommend it to anyone with a furry friend! - Mike, proud owner of Snoop